Episode #30 – Dancefloor Mountain Radio: The Sunday Countrypolitan.


I’ve always thought Nashville in the 50s and 60s would be a great time to be alive and a part of.  Although the 20s are my true favorite, there is something about the style and way of life in Nashville at that time.  The late 60s pale in comparison to the night life of early Nashville.  Whether at the Opry for a Saturday night show, shopping for records at Ernest Tubb’s Record Shop or headin’ to Roy Acuff’s place,  their are so many great stories coming from this particular corner of history.  Broadway in downtown Nashville would be all lit up with everyone struttin’ around, lady on arm and a drink in hand.  George Jones runnin’ around crazy starting fights with Porter Wagoner, all the while Lefty Frizzell’s out playin’ a late night set up the road.  Man, what a time to be alive!

I hope you enjoy this episode on this fine Sunday.  Until next time.  This is Dancefloor Mountain Radio.


Fess Parker-George Jones-Rod Morris-Jimmy Work-Jimmy Skinner-Dickson Hall-Tibby Edwards-Jimmy Swan-Loretta Lynn-Jim Silver-Jimmy & Johnny-Webb Pierce-Red Foley-Charles Lee Guy III-McCormick Brothers-Lefty Frizzell-Jimmy Skinner-Flatt & Scruggs

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“Hey, Check Out This Song!” is the home of "Dancefloor Mountain Radio Hour," hosted by Matt Scherger in Lafayette, Indiana. Tap your feet as he introduces you to songs and artists you never knew existed. If you have any questions, comments, song suggestions, or show details, contact Matt at heycheckoutthissong [at] gmail [dot] com.
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