by Jacob Sunderlin

Turns out the number one google search that results in people clicking on this site is “Kama Sutra Indiana.”


No long preamble here, I’ve just got some head-splitters to share:

Collected some songs after thinking about two recent conversations: one with Joshua Diamond about patience and the music that tests yours (we were talking about the new Swans record The Seer, which is both dope and really long) and one with Jimmy Frezza (of TV GHOST) about the Canadian band Women.

So, here are some tasty freakout jams.  Feed them into your ears.


1.  Chemirocha–Unknown Kenyan folk musician

2.  Raga Called Pat Pt. IV–John Fahey

3.  Sun Ray Harvester–Jackie O-Motherfucker

4.  Luxury Travel–Oneida

5.  Lawncare–Women

6.  Ossezaaddans–Sylvester Anfang II

7.  An Absurd Laceration–TV Ghost

8.  Solar Anus–Skullflower

9.  Inner Circle–The Cosmic Dead

10.  The Manifestation–Six Organs of Admittance

11.  Feedback/And We Bid You Good Night–Grateful Dead


About Dancefloor Mountain Radio Hour

“Hey, Check Out This Song!” is the home of "Dancefloor Mountain Radio Hour," hosted by Matt Scherger in Lafayette, Indiana. Tap your feet as he introduces you to songs and artists you never knew existed. If you have any questions, comments, song suggestions, or show details, contact Matt at heycheckoutthissong [at] gmail [dot] com.
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