Episode #33 – Dancefloor Mountain Radio Hour: Donnie and Bill get married at The Sanctuary!

                                           The Sanctuary.

Congratulations Donnie and Bill!  Here’s one for the memories.  Great times in the big city!  Family, friends, music, food, beer and marriage.

Press Play Here, under these words.

Track list:
1) Intro/ Knock Me A Kiss – Louis Jordan
2) Bob Skyles & His Skyrockets – New Van Buren Blues
3) Dirty Britches – The Leap Frogs
4) Gimme a Pig’s Foot and a Bottle of Beer – Frankie ‘Half-Pint’ Jaxon
5) Stealin’ Sugar – Ray Batts
6) Down South in Birmingham – Del Thorne and her Trio
7) Deacon’s Parade – Big Jay McNeely
8) Be Bop Baby – The Peacheroos
9) Best of Friends – Dixie Doodlers
10) Pink Champagne – Joe ‘Honeydripper’ Liggins
11) Pepper Sauce Mama – Charlie Campbell and his Red Hot Peppers
12) I Ain’t Worried About Tomorrow – Jimmy & Johnny
13) You’re The Only Good Thing – Jack Toombs
14) Triflin’ Gal – Jimmie Revard & His Oklahoma Playboys
15) Loud Mouth – Smokey Wood & The Modern Mountaineers
16) Start Talking, Baby – The Cats & The Fiddle
17) Pig Meat On The Line – Memphis Minnie
18) Outro – AFRS Jubilee Radio Program (1948)

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About Dancefloor Mountain Radio Hour

“Hey, Check Out This Song!” is the home of "Dancefloor Mountain Radio Hour," hosted by Matt Scherger in Lafayette, Indiana. Tap your feet as he introduces you to songs and artists you never knew existed. If you have any questions, comments, song suggestions, or show details, contact Matt at heycheckoutthissong [at] gmail [dot] com.
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