The Alcorubs – Live at Foam City.

Here are The Alcorubs.  Dru Alkire (tenor guitar), David Harmon (washboard/snare), Ryan Smith (accordian) , and Matt Scherger (guitar/harmonica).  Hope you enjoy this.

We will be featuring The Alcorub Orchestra July 29 at the Sweet Corn Festival in Downtown Lafayette.  Hope to see you there.

1) High Sheriff Blues (Charley Patton)
2) Distant Land To Roam (Carter Family)
3) Cave Man Blues (Memphis Jug Band)
4) Sweeter Than The Flowers (Carter Family)
5) Taxes On The Farmer Feeds Them All (Fiddlin’ John Carson)

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HCOTS Exclusive: YEARS

Mike sat down with Jordan Banks and Duane Chew of Lafayette’s YEARS in a vintage camper to discuss their new album (It Can Kill), the android we all know as John Davey, and the complexities surrounding ‘Battle of the Bands’ competitions.

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HCOTS #6 – Witch, Beastie Boys

We’re back! This week, Matt introduces Mike to “Look Out!” by Witch, and Mike re-familiarizes Matt to “Stop That Train” by the Beastie Boys. Topics include Foam City, the Lafayette band YEARS, home runs, the Fiddler’s Gathering, and Lafayette musician John Davey. If you have feedback, song suggestions, comments, or questions, email us at schergermatt [at] gmail [dot] com.

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The Public Breakfast w/ Matt Scherger and Kier Crites – Episode #2: Kate Sweeney of Bernadette’s Barbershop

Thanks for joining us!  Kate Sweeney, co-owner of Bernadette’s Barbershop stopped by the Hey Check Out This Song studio to sit and talk with Kier and I about being one of the newest business owners on Main Street in Lafayette.  Kate talks about the feel of Bernadette’s, “Beard Bangs”, which I learned are not the male equivalent of a “Brazilian Blowout”, the plan she and Kristen had to start the barbershop, Drew’s studies at ABC, Danielle’s artistic abilities and a contest.  Take some time and check out what we got going on in this little city of ours.  Next week we will be joined by Chris Johnson, owner and brewmaster of People’s Brewing Company, and Dancefloor Mountain Radio #33.  See you then.

Bernadette’s Barbershop
219 Main Street
Lafayette, Indiana
(765) 423-COOL

Intro: Jim Kweskin’s Jug Band- Rag Mama
Outro: Jim Kweskin’s Jug Band- Ella Speed

Press Play Here!

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Episode #32 – Dancefloor Mountain Radio: Eddie Lang (Father of Jazz Guitar)

Salvatore Massaro, a.k.a. Blind Willie Dunn, a.k.a. Eddie Lang

We’re back, yet again.  The old interwebs can try and keep us down, but not forever.  Here’s the Eddie Lang episode we promised.  Some fine jazz recordings from Philly’s own son.

Stay tuned this week for another episode of “The Public Breakfast” w/ guest Kate Sweeney of Bernadette’s Barber Shop, and Mike and I will be back with another episode of “Hey Check Out This Song”.  We hope you enjoy your listening experience.

I will post a detailed tracklist for this program by Saturday afternoon.  See you soon.  Django Reinhardt was a Belgian.

1) Stage Fright
2) A Little Love, A Little Kiss
3) Runnin’ Ragged w/ Joe Venuti
4) April Kisses
5) Kickin’ The Cat w/ Joe Venuti
6) Rainbow Dreams
7) Beatin’ The Dog w/ Joe Venuti
8) Freeze and Melt
9) Doin’ Things w/ Joe Venuti
10) Jet Black Blues
11) The Wild Dog w/ you guessed it… Joe Venuti on final 6 tunes.
12) Farewell Blues
13) Hey, Young Fella!
14) Someday Sweetheart
15) Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
16) A Mug Of Ale

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Preview: Dancefloor Mountain Radio #32 – Eddie Lang (Father Of Jazz Guitar). Next Weekend!

The father of jazz guitar.  Most may think of Django Reinhardt, but before Django, there was Eddie Lang.  Tune in this coming weekend for Episode #32 of Dancefloor Mountain Radio as we explore the recordings and the short life of Philly’s own Eddie Lang.  Have a good week and we’ll see you then.

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Episode #31 – Dancefloor Mountain Radio: Fiddle Tunes, Cajun and Hillbilly Songs. We’re Back! Oh Yeah… And a Happy Birthday To Old Man Grosso!

Hey Mountain Heads, it’s good to be back.  Had to take some time off to move into our new house.  The computer was not running the same and it took me (computer illiterate) until now to get these shows back up and running.  I’ve been wanting to get back to recording more episodes, so we’re glad it’s back on.

Great episode this week, centering on hillbilly and cajun fare for the hour.  When it’s hot like this I’m about knee deep in fiddle tunes, and that’s what we got for you.  Giving you a listen to the likes of Roan Mountain Hilltoppers, Cousin Emmy, a young Clarence Ashley and some Cajun no-names, this is a great hour to accompany your weekend grilling and beer intake.

Good lord willing we’ll be back weekly from here on out.  More Dispatches w/ Jacob, The Public Breakfast (talk), and eventually the summer project, Pavement Ends Here…

Next guest on The Public Breakfast:  Chris Johnson, TBA

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